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Looking for cuttingedge booking software that will satisfy your customers betting needs wherever they are. PPH International gives you that peace of mind so you can concentrate on incrementing your player base and maximizing your profits. Offer your clients reliable betting software that guarantees their satisfaction.

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Our servers have uninterruptible power supply and they are located in a storm proof elevated room. We also have redundancy and guarantee 99.9% server up time.

Our main concern is your satisfaction and we strive to provide the best service possible. Try our top-notch services for two full weeks, absolutely free.


Key Fetures
Player Management Detailed information for all your players

Change password, increase/decrease player’s credit limit, enable or disable account access to the player site, this are some of the rights that the master agent has under this feature.

Manage Your Finances Keep track of your players

Keeping track of a player activity will make you understand, when to change the weekly limits on your players, and your capacity to give free play to your players as well, keeping them betting will increase the hold percentage on the sheet.

Financial Exposure Breakdown fo players and sub-agents

Financial exposure gives a notion to the agent on what he need on a specific game or event, since it will be showing what the players are betting it can be filter by sports and bet type.

Player Totals Weekly Balances and Player Totals

Will reflect the specifics on how much each player won or lost depending on the bet type. The total amount on the right under the player management TAB will reflect the amount lost or won by player for the week.

Control Open Bets Open Bets Report

Some times, players placed bets and few minutes after decided to change their picks, in this case the agent will be able to cancel open tickets on each player account, this will show of the information regarding the time and date of the game, wager amount and the ticket number of the bet.

Financial Reports See your cash flow

This reports will show to the agent, the payments done in the accounts per week. It can be filtered by week and also by transaction type, Disbursement, adjustment and receipts, this is very important when a player is disputing about a missing payment.

About our Pay Per Head Intl Services

Pay per head services provide a great solution to all those agents that are doing all their bookmaking manually. Keeping track of account balances, ticket disputes and scoring tickets is a time demanding task that can be reduced to just a few minutes per day with our great software.

With our booking software your players will have the flexibility to wager on horses, casino and sportsbook withone account. They will also have the capability to wager on any device that has a web browser.

View all the features we provide for just $10 per head.

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