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There are always things you need to learn

In this business, there is always room to learn more. No matter what your immediate plans or your long-term goals might be, you must be willing to learn about the business you love and want to earn from. Local bookies are finding life difficult without an online presence and if you have ever thought about going online with your business then now is the time. The pay per head industry has come along and turned the online gaming world upside down. What they are offering to you – a local bookie, is what they have been offering to the biggest sportsbooks in the world for the last 25-years. One thing you may not know about the PPH industry – most every online sportsbook that you can dial up in 30-seconds, most of them are using PPH technology.

  • The biggest misnomer going around nowadays is that the PPH is expensive. This in not only a misnomer, it’s a 100% lie! It is not expensive to do business with a top tier pay per head, in fact, if you work this business correctly, the fees are free to you. YES – you can work this in such a manner that your PPH fees will be free.

  • PPH fees are set by the provider and the best ones on the internet are now charging between $7-$10 per head, per week, per active player. You will never pay for any player that did not play in any given week. If they do not play – you do not pay.

  • Close to every online sportsbook has a “bet minimum” -Example, “xyz sportsbook” says very clearly in the sportsbook – the per bet minimum is $10. This means they can bet on any sporting event that you choose to offer, and they can bet from your wagering menu, but they must bet at least $10 – they cannot bet less than $10 per bet.

  • You have just covered the PPH fee for the entire week. Now, you may be asking how does this work in the casino and racebook? This is a great question, because you cannot set a $10 minimum in the racebook if you want to build a great following, your players will find a racebook where they can get their $2 bets in. The casino is also difficult to regulate minimum bets.

  • There are a couple of ways to look at this… One, the sportsbook caters to an audience that doesn’t often mix with the racebook and casino – NOT always, we acknowledge this, however – OFTEN. What you do is ask your players if they want the casino open, if not, close it to them. The racebook, do not worry – yo0u will always get your PPH fee in bets. You will also get it in the casino. The casino is your bread and butter and an absolute money windfall.

  • The PPH will have you online and operational in a day or two and should you have hundreds or thousands of players, they will help you to integrate them for free. The PPH sets all of the day’s events, and all of the lines and odds but leave you in charge to change any of them at any time.

  • There is simply no other way to do business, especially if you are sick of the hassle for crumbs! This business is not easy on your own, but it’s a piece of cake with a pay per head. They are the bookie, they do your job, and they are your accountant. They take bets on the 800 number or on the website, and they grade all bets within 5-minutes of events end.

If you want the best, call the best. They are offering you a free gaming site that comes with a .com address and the best user interface on the internet. They are also offering you a month-long free trial. You will pay nothing down, no upfront fees, and no hidden charges. What you see is what you get and best of all, you get to test drive the product without paying PPH fees. Now, is the time to jump in right before football. Get in and start earning what a bookie should be earning, it’s your time.